I don't see the world completely in black and white. Sometimes I do. - Benico Del Toro

Here I have some new portrait shots for you, introducing a new face to my blog. Since I upgraded my whole equipment, I grew more confident in letting "new" people in to my hobby. My goal is to gradually expand my horizon and work hard, to make the pictures I take look more professional. I am by far no expert, but this platform is there to share my passion, because I find joy in doing it. There are no guidelines, other than my own and that is where my creativity can reach its full potential. Sometimes there is this sensation of being overwhelmed by the talents of others, but unless they aren't  inspiring you, it is not very helpful to compare yourself. When you find yourself stuck in this endless spiral of self-doubt and comparison, start moving against it and do something you love, which is valuable  to you.
For me this is this blog, where I can define how I want myself to be and also can freely express my thoughts. I am very glad for every single one of you, taking a little time out of your day, to take a look at my pictures. Thanks for being on this journey with me. Take care.


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