The time you feel lonely is the time you most need by yourself. - Douglas Coupland

Time- the one thing that probably determines our lives the most. 
We structure our days because of it, run to catch the train, struggle to meet deadlines and somewhere in our mind there is this wish, for time to stop. We could catch our breath. Breathe. Refocus our energy and be more stronger than ever before, but most of the times we don't allow ourselves to have breaks. Maybe this is the reason more and more people feel overwhelmed by their daily life, since they only allow their bodies to function and there is no room or time for self- improvement. The time we have to ourselves shapes our identity and helps us to learn about our path and destiny. It should be everyones top priority to take care of themselves first,  to have moments just for them and find peace within their body. Since we are no machines, we need to match our inside to our outside and then the intention we set can be brought out. The next time you feel lost, take a deep breath and have some thoughts about your character and who you want to be and then move on. 
Until then, take care.


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