My heart sleeps by the sea.

I don't know why but I always am so much calmer when I'm near an ocean or a lake. It's probably because of the sound waves make or because you can just focus on the horizon and let your mind wander. 
To keep my writing in the ocean-theme, I have to admit that my life got quite stormy and I often catch myself thinking of rather spending my time by the sea than doing what I actually have to. There are times in life where you just want to get away with the ones you love and forget about everything that might upset you. But most of the times there is no ocean near to do such things. What you can do anyway to calm yourself is different to anybody, in my case it's simply just breathing calmly, listening to soft music and letting my thoughts wander off for a short time. Just to have the opinion to escape reality. After this I'm more likely to motivate myself and carry on. Nothing is worse than just sitting there feeling sorry about yourself, sometimes it's nice to be surrounded by positive people and stop worrying. I hope you have a nice day!


  1. schöne bilder :) das wasser hat eine tolle farbe *-*

  2. Danke :) ja das hatte es wirklich...wären wir im Sommer da gewesen, wäre es noch extremer *-*

    Liebste Grüße, Kim


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