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It's hard to admit that the holidays are almost over...just 3 more days, then I have to move on with the busy life of a student.
I went to Croatia for a whole week and it was really nice there although it was pouring rain almost every day, but we tried to catch every glimpse of sunlight.
These pictures were taken at the "Plitvice Lakes", one of the many national parks in Croatia. As you are able to see it was raining there as well so there was a lot of water everywhere ;). I felt very adventurous there, walking over the waterfalls on little, wooden paths which were flooded with water sometimes and also it was a great experience seeing the power water has.
More pictures of my trip are sure to follow.
I hope you have an amazing day. Take care.


  1. Die Fotos sind ja richtig geil geworden!

    Liebste Grüße <3


    1. Danke :) es hat sich mir dort auch die perfekte Möglichkeit zum Fotografieren geboten...

      Liebste Grüße zurück <3

  2. or die Fotos sind echt toll geworden! Die Location an den Wasserfällen ist echt was besonderes!
    Liebste Grüße,Elli <3


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