I love sunny fall days!

I am so excited that fall is finally there! At first I thought that I like every season the same, but it turned out that fall is my secret favourite. Partly because my birthday is in september and otherwise because everything becomes warm and cozy.
It's nice to go outside and enjoy the crisp air, the warm sunshine, take some pictures and when you come back in you can light a candle, enjoy a hot drink and cuddle up with a nice film or a good book. These are the activities I enjoy doing in the fall, if I have enough time.
Sometimes you need to take time off from anything you are doing at the moment and take care of yourself. Everybody needs breaks to breathe. This is something I've learned because of some stressful moments. Please listen to your body and treat yourself right. Also keep in mind to surround yourself with the people who make you happy and leave the others behind! It sounds kind of hard but it will lead you to a more positive life :).
Good Luck.


  1. die Bilder sind so schön sommerlich geworden! Holt mich irgendwie ein Stück weit voll aus der trüben realität raus:p
    Liebste Grüße,Elli <3


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